Copperfield's Bookstore specializes in providing its customers access to any and all of the world's best books on the market today.

We are dedicated to providing quality and superior customer service in all aspects of our business. We serve customers in many parts of the world and will ship books to all parts of the globe. So wherever you may be, you can have access to the latest and greatest technologies hitting the Computer Industry, or you may need to find instructions or inspiration for Woodworking, Quilting, Sewing, Cooking, Embroidery, or a miriad of other topics, whether it be for personal use or textbooks for post-secondary education, we can get it in for you.

Copperfield's is also a walk-in bookstore and deals predominantly with technical books on a variety of topics, including nursing, medical, project management, dental hygiene, and a host of others.

The selection of books serves all levels of users from the novice to professional and covers a multitude of topics. We also have access to almost any book in print, so if we don't have it listed in our online store, we'll special order it.

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